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Do the work you love. Get paid for it.

Gain immediate access to companies looking for your services. Easily find and join referral partnership programs to get paid reliably and consistently, either as a side hustle or your main gig.


Go-to-market (GTM) folks face a tough market. Layoffs make salaried  work harder to find, and there are few options for reliable, independent income.


Even as more and more GTM folks choose independent work arrangements & join communities, it’s become tough to get paid reliably.

Now, you can easily grow your personal business/brand and reliably get paid for the work you love to do, whether that's selling, generating new leads and pipeline, running campaigns, and more. 


Enter SoundGTM.

How does it work?


Sign up

Easily create your account.


Find opportunities

Search the marketplace to find companies & offers. Want to set up qualified meetings? Write software reviews? Generate newsletter signups? Do it (and get paid for it!) through SoundGTM.


Get paid

When the folks you’ve referred hit the predetermined milestones, you’ll get paid - no persistent follow-ups required.


Get going

Companies will provide you with whatever collateral you need to do the job: landing pages, ad assets, etc. Then, just do what you do best! 

Ready to chat? We're all ears.

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