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A little about us

We’re painfully familiar with the challenges tech companies and workers face today because we’ve been in your shoes. Normal revenue channels and business development models are bone dry and the law of diminishing returns feels like it kicked in ages ago. Businesses and individuals are both staring down uncertain futures.
We believe that both growth-stage companies and individual go-to-market professionals deserve more control over their own destiny. That’s why we created SoundGTM.
SoundGTM is the only referral partnership platform built specifically to connect growth-stage businesses with available GTM professionals to expand their reach, fill their sales funnels, and drive net new revenue. Individual sellers and marketers can make money and grow their professional brands by booking meetings, bringing leads, and closing deals for those companies. And it’s all without the time, expense, and headache of traditional affiliate or partnership programs.

Meet The Founders

As a group with decades of combined experience shipping software products across industries in the B2B space, we deeply understand the needs of B2B companies and go-to-market professionals, and the opportunity to help them both by bringing them together.

Ready to chat? We're all ears.

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