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Be your members' best asset

Elevate the personal and professional brands of your community members by connecting them with consistent, real-time opportunities.


Drive engagement and loyalty by creating a lucrative benefit for your community members (while also getting paid).


If you have any go-to-market (GTM) professionals in your community, you’ve probably been trying to support them through this rocky time of layoffs and long hiring cycles. By partnering with SoundGTM, you can give them a way to support themselves (either full time or part time) through referral partnerships.

Benefits for

Community Members 

  • Find opportunities to make money as a referral partner

  • Gain transparent, real-time access to lead and payment status

  • Easily track multiple referral partnerships in a single platform

Benefits for

Community Owners 

  • Support community members (who have to pay mortgages)

  • Increase community engagement and loyalty

  • Get revenue from community members’ efforts

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